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FAQs About Replacement Windows in Central Missouri

The more you know about replacement windows, the better Renewal by Andersen of Central Missouri will look. We are the experts in replacement windows in Central Missouri. We have collected some of the questions we are most frequently asked about windows, along with our answers, so that you can be a more informed replacement window buyer.

Q: Which is the best material for window frames?
A: Window frames have traditionally been made of wood, which was later joined by aluminum, then vinyl, then fiberglass. Each offered an improvement on previous materials. But the most advanced replacement windows on the market today feature Fibrex frames and sashes. Fibrex is a patented composite material that was developed by Renewal by Andersen to provide superior strength and rigidity, at a lighter weight. The result is a window that is stronger than any other, but with a narrower frame that allows a wider, more expansive glass area.

Q: What is “Low-E” glass?
A: Low-E is short for “low emissivity,” which means reduced transfer of energy and UV light through the window. This is accomplished by coating the window surface with an incredibly thin layer of reflective metal. You can still see clearly through the window, but heat and harmful UV rays are reflected away. Low-E glass is a great way to reduce energy loss and save on your heating and cooling costs.

Q: Which style of window should I choose for my home? Do I have to replace my old windows with the exact same look and style?
A: The choice of window styles depends on the architectural style of your home and your window budget. You certainly don’t have to stick with the same style as your old windows! We’ve had customers replace traditional double-hung windows with easier-to-operate sliding windows or casement windows. We’ve also taken out two windows and replaced them with a single, large picture window. We’ll discuss your options and help you choose the best design for your needs.

Q: Will you have to tear out my walls to fit the new windows in?
A: Almost never! Unlike many contractors, Renewal by Andersen of Central Missouri carefully measures your window openings and custom builds your new windows to fit precisely. So there is seldom need to go through the messy and expensive process of knocking out walls!

Q: Do I really need more than one pane of glass in my windows?
A: Modern glass packages generally consist of at least two panes of glass that are “sandwiched” around a very thin layer of inert gas. Why? This creates a virtually impenetrable thermal barrier to help prevent energy from escaping from your home via conduction through the window. That’s why, when you put your hand against the glass on the inside of a Renewal by Andersen replacement window on a cold day, it won’t feel cold to the touch. That’s proof that the barrier is working for you!

Q: Can’t I just buy new windows at the hardware store and install them myself?
A: Sure. But you will not get a quality product and will soon be disappointed in its performance and short service life. “Big box” hardware stores stock their shelves for contractors and builders, who generally are looking for the cheapest alternative. Their windows are not as energy efficient, durable, or operate as smoothly as Renewal by Andersen replacement windows. Plus you are stuck with whatever size they have in stock, which may not be a good fit for your home. What good is a new window if there are gaps and cracks to let cold air into your home?

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